CPro launches new Training Seminar: Cold Calling

CPro continues to reinvent how wholesalers work with their agency partners and launched a new training seminar for their appointed agents called ‘Cold Calling’ in response to identifying a need for their partners.

In January of 2014 CPro hired a full-time cold caller to call on insureds and their agents. The process was to identify quality insureds and their trusted agents and then introduce ourselves with our innovative solutions and unique selling technique. After talking with over 550 insureds and their agents, CPro has learned what techniques and methods work, and what does not.

Our cold caller’s experience, coupled with a training regimen help empower her success, allowing CPro to discover unique views and understandings of the information received from the insureds and their agents.   CPro realized the natural opportunity to help train their agents and their new producers with this valuable perspective and insights.

The hour and a half long training seminar gives CPro enough time to train you on how to get past the gatekeepers, identify what to say, and know what needs to be prepared prior to the call.  The open format allows for ample Q&A time.

Additional training seminars are currently being scheduled.  Call now to secure your team’s training time. CPro understands that by working together can we all work for the success of our carriers, our agents and our insureds.

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