Since 1913, Texas employers have had the singular right to “opt out” of Workers’ Compensation and become a Non-Subscriber.

CPro’s non-subscriber product indemnifies employers for their medical, disability, and death benefits provided to their employees for occupational injuries under an approved ERISA Plan. In addition, our policy provides defense costs and legal liability coverage for these occupational injury claims, all subject to mandatory arbitration.

Throughout the Year we have rolled so many new, innovative and exclusive Policy provisions, we thought it best to quickly list a few of them. Our Premium Policy Form provides:

· “No Dollar Limit” Medical—exclusive to the industry!

· Separate benefits for every employee: no CSL—exclusive to the industry!

· Legal liability protection for your employer on a per employee basis and not reduced by any benefits: i.e.; if $5,000,000 of legal purchased and 20 employees injured in an Accident, your Insured will have up to $100,000,000 of legal liability protection (20 X $5M)—exclusive to the industry!

Both our Premium Policy and CSL + Policy Forms also provide:

· No occurrence or aggregate limit—exclusive to the industry!

· Pay on behalf of, indemnity or hybrid (pay on behalf of medical and indemnity wage replacement) form: in fact, your Insured can make a different choice on each claim if they so choose—exclusive to the industry!

· Up to 60 months sunset for minors and 36 months for all others—longest in the industry!

· Hospital volunteers can be added to coverage—exclusive to the industry!

· Defense costs erode SIR but do not erode the “CPro Texas Option”!

· 1099 contractors can be added!

· All first notice of loss taken by a nurse 24/7; never by a clerk or adjuster—exclusive to the industry!

· Commission rate is often times double WC commission!

As you can see, we are all about changing the legacy nonsubscriber policies of yesterday used elsewhere to the State of the Art Nonsubscriber Policy provided exclusively through CPro.

All we need to quote your account is a completed nonsubscriber application (we can use anyone’s to quote but need ours completed to bind) and 3 year currently valued (90 days) loss runs. Let us know if you need 24 hour turnaround. Send your applications to