Texas Nonsubscriber Leader CPro Associates Acquires Pan-American Benefits Solutions, Inc.’s Nonsubscription Business

Two Program Leaders offering Texas Nonsubscriber occupational injury benefits join forces as CPro Associates, Inc., acquires Pan-American Benefits Solutions’ Texas Nonsubscription business.

May 14, 2018 – DALLAS, TX – CPro Associates, Inc., a leader in Texas Nonsubscriber occupational injury benefit plans, has purchased Pan- American Benefits Solutions’ Nonsubscription book of business, effective May 14, 2018.

The transaction brings together two of the leading corporate names in Texas Nonsubscriber plans. “Pan-American Life has been an industry leader since introducing its product in 2011,” Hardin, a pioneer of Texas nonsubscriber plans, said. “The Pan-American Life name is well known and highly respected throughout the state. We couldn’t be more pleased to join forces with this industry leader. This transaction results in aggregate premiums of greater than $30 million.”

CPro will roll the Pan-American Benefits Solutions Nonsubscription accounts into the “CPro Texas Option” plan insured by Nationwide®. Heather Schenker, Vice President of Nationwide’s E&S/Specialty brokerage programs area, said, “We, at Nationwide, have made a significant commitment to the Texas marketplace and the nonsubscriber line of business. We see this acquisition as a welcome addition to the anticipated growth of our Texas Nonsubscription business.”

With the purchase of Pan-American Life’s Texas Nonsubscription book, the second major acquisition in the Nonsubscription program in 1.5 years, along with their own internal premium, CPro has risen to be the premier choice for professional agents to come to when looking to place their large and small Texas Nonsubscription accounts.

Nonsubscriber plans became popular in Texas in the late 1980s, when fast-rising workers’ compensation costs rose precipitously. Hardin was among the first to refine the plans and make them viable, attractive options for Texas employers who wanted to provide first-rate occupational injury benefit programs, but also have better cost control.

About one-third of all Texas employers have nonsubscriber plans, including familiar names such as Walmart, Home Depot, Baylor, Hermann Hospitals, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Sonic, McDonald’s and many more. Nonsubscriber plans often offer cost savings of 25 percent or more, compared to workers’ compensation plans.

The CPro Texas Option product represents the state of the art in Texas nonsubscriber plans for non-hazardous employers who are focused on employee safety, reduced expenses and excellent employee benefits. It provides options not generally available within the workers’ compensation system, including disability benefits up to 90 percent, compared to 70-75 percent for workers’ compensation, and weekly benefits up to $1,000, compared to $916 for workers’ compensation.

CPro President Michael Hardin said CPro will continue to innovate and further refine its Texas nonsubscriber offerings. “We are confident the acquisition of Pan-American Life’s Texas Nonsubscription book puts us in position to do that even better.”


About CPRO Associates
CPro Associates, Inc., is a general agency serving commercial insurance agencies nationwide with access to superior products and markets for workers’ compensation and Texas nonsubscriber plans. CPro provides personal service, quick quotes, fast policy issuance, and the highest commissions in the industry. For more about CPro please visit www.cproassociates.com.

Alan Hardin
CPro Associates, Inc.

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