Workers Comp or Nonsubscription: Is There Another Option?

What is Workers Compensation? Simply stated, it is an Occupational Injury Benefit Program with the benefits determined by the state.

What is Nonsubscription? It is an Occupational Injury Benefit Program with the benefits determined by the Employer.

Texas is the only state remaining where Workers Compensation is not mandatory except for a few industries (i.e governmental entities). So in Texas, there are alternatives for most businesses to consider.

23% of all Texas employers, companies like WalMart and Home Depot, Baylor, Hermann Hospitals, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Sonic, McDonald’s, as well as your local garage, machine shop or B-B-Q restaurant, as well as 114,000 others, have chosen an option other than Workers Compensation, a Texas Option.

 Two of the main reasons they do are:

–       Pricing generally less than WC

–       Adoption of advanced risk management techniques and claims control generally unavailable within the WC system


To provide the greatest benefit to both large and small non-hazardous employers, there was much we learned from WC to simplify and update the quarter century old product available everywhere else.

–       WC provides benefits for medical, disability, death, and employers liability. So do we.

–       WC provides No Dollar Limit Medical. We also provide “No Dollar Limit” Medical with our Premium Protection Form.

–       Each benefit has its own limits; one benefit does not reduce any other.Under the Premium Protection Form CPro also provides separate limits for each benefit.

–       Under WC, every employee has their own benefits. In a common occurrence, one employee’s benefit does not reduce benefits to another employee involved in the same occurrence. Both Policy Forms provide every employee their own individual benefits.

–       WC does not have an aggregate: neither do we.

–       Under WC, the EL section protects the employer on a per person basis, and usually at a maximum of $1,000,000. Our policy provides legal liability protection to the Employer on a per person basis. With the maximum $5,000,000 limit and a 20 person occurrence, up to $100,000,000 of legal liability ($5mil x 20 employees) would be available to the employer.

It is worth noting that this third option, “The CPro Texas Option”, is not a substitute for workers compensation and is an Occupational Injury Benefit Program that provides options not generally available within the WC system, such as:

WC provides disability benefits of up to 70% (75% for employees making less than $8.50/hour) of the average weekly wage.  Our program allows the employer to choose benefit levels from 70% to 90%.

The 2021 maximum weekly disability limit under WC is $1,006 and changes every year.  For higher wage industries, our option provides weekly benefits up to $2,000.

WC provides up to 401 weeks of disability benefits for total disability. Our Texas Option provides the employer choices of 2, 3, or 5 year benefit periods.

This program is only good for what we define as “non-hazardous employers” who are focused on employee safety, reduced expenses and excellent employee benefits. If your Client qualifies, let us provide you our unparalleled benefits at very competitive pricing.

To get our CPro Texas Option Policy Comparison, discuss in greater detail, or arrange for a visit, contact Alan Hardin at or call 972-598-0402.